Wild Fire Prevention services


  1. 30' (Feet) Ring Around your Home/Structure... Removal of fire fuels and hazards (dead trees and shrubs to mitigate ignition.

  2. Clear Roof, Gutters and Eaves of Debris

  3. Trim branches back over the Chimneys

  4. Move Fire Wood and Storage Tanks 50' (Feet) from home and cleared around them at least 10' (Feet)

  5. MAKING SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS VISIBLE FROM STREET. (clearing any debris or increasing its visibility.)  

******Free Emergency "Last Minute" ACTION PLAN. what to do, some tips, options and a brief understanding of fire behavior and the 3 factors.

Add Ons 

  1. 50' (Feet) Ring Around your Home/Structure... 

  2. Applying 1/4" (inch) non-combustible screening over all vents and/or eave openings.

Add Ons 

  1. 100' (Feet) Ring Around your Home/Structure... 

  2. Widening Emergency Vehicle Access Routes and creating fuel breaks around dwellings. 

Add Ons 

  1. Installing Spark Arresters in Chimneys.

  2. Treating Wood Decks with fire resistant treatment.

***Note: Any "AddOns" added you will receive all the AddOns above the AddOn chosen, along with Creating Defensible Space. Any additional products, like Fire Protective Gels and Mix batches of protective sprays are additional cost and can be requested at creation of appointment. $299.99 per 4 hours & $60.00 per acre, prices capable of increase in cost, depending on fuel loading.

**Fuel Loading: or fuel volume is reported in tons of fuel available per acre. The higher the fuel loading, the more heat that will be produced during a fire.

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