Looking For Creativity 

T Knight Productions LTD. is looking for Talented people to purse their dreams and goals and TKP is here to make it happen for you and yours. We utilized many different platforms to get your Talent out, All Types. 

***WebSite Content Writers Needed***

T KNIGHT PRODUCTIONS does shoots videos, self help, music, commercial videos and more.

We have a passion to record and document real life stories of education, hope, opportunity and entertainment. But the owners main love is fire fighting and providing medical care for people and whomever needs it. So he has decided to change LANES, GEARS to what he went to school to do and that was helping to Prevent Forest Fires and Render Aid to all people and make a difference.

Looking for a partnership were I work for you and help you get your work off the ground and start to float a bit right before you FLY. In return for your skills. But we are looking for Fire Fighters, Fire and Forestry Technicians, Inspectors, Fallers, Buckers and Laborers; CPA's, Accountants, General Staff for everyday operations and more. 

We manage and prep Homes before the wild fire comes. wild land fires has cause billions of dollars in lost and thousands of lives taken!

Let Us help you protect your love ones, your property and home from wild fire by us coming and prepping your home and land to stay STANDING long after the fire has passed.

Contact information at the bottom for your convenience.

As California's Fire Seasons have been becoming very destructive and deadly, just last year (2018) fire season Our Great State lost many lives, land and properties.


So theres even more of a demand on thinning our forests in the "Urban Wild Interface" (WUI) and protecting our natural resources and people that use those resources. 


So with my Fire education and fire experience and T Knight Productions Limited to provide Fuel Reduction Work, as well as offering fire preparation work of Californians Land and Properties.

If your interested in helping with the reduction of fire fuels you can apply through link below.

Thanks and Hope to hear from you soon.

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