Hi, and thanks for your interest in our Company and I hope we can meet your needs and help with what your searching for in a company. My name is Tenneille R. Knight and I’m owner, shareholder and employee of T Knight Productions Ltd.

We are based out of Clovis, Ca. and was established in 2017 as a C corporation and active in the SAM’s (System for Award Management) T Knight Productions Ltd is a Federal contractor business, and active and able to bid on Federal Contract Projects around the World with our Government. We are a minority owned business, small business and in the process of other certifications.

Tenneille Knight background is as a Public Servant (Fire Fighter/EMT, both Extensive Wild Land Fire and Structure firefighting and emergency medical aid.) I started off my fire career with a degree in Fire Technology (Science) with a minor in Paramedic. I start as a volunteer Resident Apprentice (firefighter) in the county of Madera for 2 years, and from there I applied with Cal Fire Fresno and was hired as Fire Fighter 1 (Wild Land Fire Fighting) for 7 fire seasons (2008-2014). After my 7 seasons, I applied for a Fire Fighter 2 position and was hired and worked 15 months as a firefighter 2 and applied as a Fire Apparatus Engineer and was hired and worked as one for 15 months. I was illegally rejected during probation and fought it and lost.

So, I pulled out all my retirement and started T Knight Productions Ltd. In the interest of mobile key work (vehicle lock smith) which I am still licensed, but decided to not do that work because of lack of knowledge of the field; inventions, entertainment and creating videos, music or commercial or short skit or short story videos and training videos as well, plan old self help videos, by using online social media.

We are interested in putting people to work and giving opportunity for those that are not giving those opportunities. We are interested in working with men and women interested in change in their lives to be better. We hope to help promote change to be good law-abiding citizens, by hiring people with a past, and/or background, so they can have the opportunity to provide for their families which will help promote change in their lives, and a decrease in the crime rate and prison system overcrowding, as well as the recidivism rate.

California’s Wild Land fire Seasons have been destructive and devastating with just last year (2018) fire season the deadliest and most destructive Wild Fire Season to know with a total of 8,527 fires burning an area of 1,893,913 acres burned, the largest amount burned in California fire seasons’ history. Fires have caused over $ 3.5 billion dollars in damages, including $ 1.792 billion in fire suppression cost According to a National Inter agency Fire Center. (NIFC)

According to a Cal Fire Report there’s “over 25 million acres of California wild lands were identified as being under very high or extreme fire threat and extending those risk assessments to cover over half the state.” The report goes on to say, “it estimates that as many as 15 million acres of California forest need some form of restoration.

In November 2018 the Camp Fire in the City of Paradise, Ca. Our Great State lost 98 civilians and 6 firefighters killed. Our State of California must work towards not allowing that to happen anymore and to start an aggressive “Fuel Reduction” efforts to reduce Wild Land Fires by way of reducing the 15 million acres of California’s high risk and extreme fire threaten areas of our state.

With that, there’s a need for people to work to reduce our Wild Land Fire threaten areas with tree, brush removal in areas and applying application of fire prevention gels and foams, and by thinning our forests of dead, diseased and rotted fuels and readily available fuels that, if the conditions are right can ignite and sustain a deadly and destructive wild land fire. We want to and will use previously paroled with a fire background, fire camp and/or an interest in the fire service and how to reduce “Wild Land Fire Risk and Fuels, in the Urban Wildland interfaced Areas.”

T Knight Productions main goal is to put all people to work and to help promote and create change in one’s life for the good and to help them provide for their families and cultivate their dreams and goals through T Knight Productions and its Resources.

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