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We offer Residential/Business Fire Prevention and Protection Services for Home and Business Owners in the Wild Land Urban Interface (WUI) Areas of the San Joaquin Valley and Surrounding Areas too.

T KNIGHT PRODUCTIONS Ltd. a company that is interested in investing in people, products and devices. T KNIGHT PRODUCTIONS Ltd. offers a wide a ray of help, ideas, and projects, acting as the middle man or the main man to help you accomplish things in your life and in the life of T KNIGHT PRODUCTIONS Ltd., and to earn more income through Our everyday uses of skills.

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Fuel Reduction

Fuel Reduction is needed in the State of California, to help prevent or at least reduce Wild Fire and the lost of lives in our great State. 


In 2018 over 1,893,913 acres burned with a total of 8,527 fires.
Cost over
$3.5 billion

98 civilians and 6 fire fighters lost their lives.


In 2017 over 1,381,405 acres burned with a total of 9,133 fires.
Cost over
$18 billion

2 fire fighters and 45 civilians lost their lives. 

Wild Fire Mitigation

  • We cut fire line

  • We remove fuel from around your structures

  • We drop hazard trees

  • We apply fire protection gels as well.

  • We Prep structures to maximize the ability to withstand Wild Fires.

  • We understand the fire laws, rules and regulations relating to clearance around homes.



Video Productions

Video Productions, Music Video Productions, Music Productions, Website/You Tube Productions and More Entertainment

Product Creation, Invention Creation. Software , Program and Application Creations.

Looking for Talent in the Above Areas.


We offer music recording, beat creations and find collaboration opportunities . 


We produce, create, edit and show videos online.

Music, Commercials, Skits and Shows.


TKP.LTD is always looking for partners, investors, employees and more to help create a production company that is built from the ground up and made to last an Eternity.


We want to help all people and provide a service that can not be matched.

There's a need for fuel reduction and more wild land fire fighters due to wild fire and more and more homes being built in the WILD LAND URBAN INTERFACE. (WUI)

That needs fuel reduced.


TKNIGHTPRODUCTIONS. Still offers video production, music video recording and editing and beat creations as well as shooting commercials and skits/shows.


TKP is a Newly Started shareholder business that's prime focus is to help get people working again in various jobs and industries through tapping into yourself worth and providing the tools to do so, all at the same time giving the customer a great deal & great customer service.

Check out for your furniture and other items assembled

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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